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“The art of community connectedness is inherently learnable and that caring for one another is premise for a healthy society.”

~ Dr. John Helliwell, Professor Emeritus of Economics, UBC

The Reading Bear Society fosters a more conscientious and loving society by providing intergenerational mentorship and literacy resources that promote early literacy, social well-being, and emotional health across generations and communities.


Our motto is Educating the heart-mind.

What is The Reading Bear Society

The Reading Bear Society organizes buddy reading visits to Vancouver and Kelowna schools to encourage early literacy and intergenerational mentorship. Each child is given a special teddy bear that acts as a reading partner to encourage children to practice reading at home. We are volunteer-run and supported by parents, principals, teachers, students, academics and community partners. We believe that intergenerational mentoring across communities provides an invaluable means for building compassion, strengthening empathy, and improving lifelong learning and health outcomes.

Volunteer Opportunities

Share your love of reading, acquire new skills, and make new connections, by volunteering for the Reading Bear Society. From Buddy Reading to Fundraising, there are positions available in your area of interest. Volunteering can help to buff up that resume or get you a letter of reference… not to mention how happy you will feel giving back to your community. You may even end up with your own Teddy Bear!

Principal Liz Hayes-Brown speaks about The Reading Bear

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