Volunteering for the Reading Bear Society

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to join the Reading Bear Society! If you are passionate about helping children succeed in school, giving adolescents the chance to become more connected with their communities, and creating connections and friendships in the city of Vancouver, then the Reading Bear opportunity is the right place for you.

Benefits to You

There are numerous reasons why volunteering for the Reading Bear Society makes sense:

  • Get experience in your field of study
  • Receive a letter of reference from the Reading Bear Society
  • Meet like-minded friends
  • Gain teamwork and communication skills
  • Spend time with children
  • Give back to the community
  • Read awesome books
  • Improve your Linkedin profile or resume
  • Gain a mentor, Be a mentor
  • Improve someone’s life

“During my time with the Reading Bear, I have been touched by how the kindergarteners and adolescents create a beautiful and caring relationship, and how important that connection becomes in their lives. It brings joy and happiness to the peers and their buddies, and all of those who work so hard to make this possible!”

Victoria Baronas MD/PhD student, Reading Bear Volunteer

Volunteer Positions

No matter your skill set and professional aims in volunteering, The Reading Bear Society can use your help

  • Reading Buddy: Read to children at Vancouver schools (must be 19 yrs old)
  • School to School: Introduce Reading Bear to schools (Sept, Nov, Feb and Apr)
  • Fundraising: Book drives, sell greeting cards, grant applications
  • Communications: Newsletters, Emails
  • Web Design: Maintain and update the Reading Bear website
  • Social Media: Content creation, Content curation, Community management
  • Develop Educational Materials: Design and Write materials to aid literacy in children
  • Marketing: Photography, Videography, Graphic design
  • Volunteer co-ordinator: Manage positions, Co-ordinate volunteers as needed
  • Administration: Edit documents, Collect information
  • Research: Collect data, Write reports, Design studies