Interview with Rebecca Spouge

Tell us about yourself

I am currently a UBC medical student, about to start third year, clerkship, in June. I completed my bachelor’s degree at McGill University in Anatomy and Cell Biology. During my summer breaks I worked in the learning resource department at a Vancouver elementary school solidifying my passion for working with children. The Reading Bear Society opportunity seemed like a great fit!

How did you become involved

I was lucky enough to become involved in the reading bear because a friend of mine in the UBC medical program in Kelowna introduced me to Joanne. I love how the reading bear inspires education in young children and I was incredibly excited to bring this program to Canuck Place.

What is your current role in the RBS

My role involved establishing the reading bear at Canuck Place and subsequently organizing and coordinating these visits. As I head into my clerkship rotation I have passed on the torch to Jenn Wildi who will lead the way and continue to develop this amazing relationship with an empowering hospice.

What is your best memory of the RBS?

My favourite memory during my time so far with the reading bear society would have to be dressing up in the bear costume and making the children at Canuck Place laugh. There was one particular visit where one of the young girls could not stop giggling. It was infectious. It was reassuring to know that the children were having just as much fun as I was during the visits.

Why do you support the RBS?

The Reading Bear Society very quickly became an important part of my life. This program facilitates educational development at a young age while also instilling morals and knowledge surrounding indigenous people, healthy eating habits and emotional resilience. I loved that we were able to develop a relationship with Canuck Place and bring these themes and a few smiles to these strong and brave children. It was incredibly rewarding to read to the children and see how much they loved learning. The fact that each visit was fun for both myself and the children was just the icing on the cake. I am lucky to be a part of this initiative and I look forward to continuing to volunteer with this group.