Introducing our new Co-chair of Fundraising, Santiago

An introduction of RBS ambassador and co-chair of fundraising Santiago:

I am a Biochemistry Major at UBC, currently striving toward a career in Nanopediatrics. I have invested the majority of my life in youth empowerment, primarily through my work at Catching the Spirit Youth Society. With this organization, which delivers leadership camps of environmental stewardship, I designed and instructed the facilitation of leadership development programming focused on principles of self-reflection, appreciation, and determination. I was drawn the RBS because I believe this program cultivates those same values. On a more personal note, having been raised by a newly immigrated single mother, I was moved by the RBS’s dedication to supporting underprivileged youth. I am convinced that early intervention in children’s educational careers can have profound and lasting changes throughout their lives.

I have loved taking part in school visits where I can read to the children, and I’ve had a lot of fun dressing as up a bear. I really enjoy the whole process, from collecting donations, to packing the book and bear bags, and to promoting the volunteer program. I have also been working at UBC to establish fundraising partnership with campus clubs in the form of book drives and teddy bear donations. I am constantly astounded by the generosity of UBC students to support their local community. I hope to develop our presence on UBC campus to tap into the well into this well of talented and generous young people. However, what really keeps me passionate about the program is being able to take part in their joy as we read, learn and play.