Thanks for the Thanks!

Here are a few of the Thank-you notes The Reading Bear has been privileged to receive this past year. It’s always nice to feel appreciated !

Dear Joanne,

On behalf of our students and staff many thanks to your team for all the support provided through RB.

It is so important for students to develop and enhance their abilities to read; the people and program provided by The Reading Bear are most appreciated

for the time and commitment towards this crucial endeavor.

Special kudos to you and Trevor for your seminal development and nurturing of the organization.

BN Murton


Good Afternoon Joanne,

I just wanted to say Thank-you once again for your support of the Strongstart Program. The Families and I always appreciate the time you and your volunteers spend with us. read to us and the donations as well.

Deborah Boushie

StrongStart Facilitator – Queen Alexandra

Hi Joanne and Isabel,

I would like to thank you all for all of your hard work and dedication to this project. The children really love and look forward to meeting with their buddies. It’s such a great experience for both the Ks and the St.George’s boys. This is my first year in VSB. I was a teacher at a private school similar to St.George’s for 12 years and I can tell you from my experience and by observing the boys, that I know they are gaining amazing life experience as well. I was so impressed with the boy’s tender, empathetic, loving approach with the kiddies. You are making a difference and we appreciate it so much.

Thanks so much. Have a wonderful summer!

Jenni Watson

To Joanne Roussy,

We just wanted to thank you and The Reading Bear Society for supporting the Thunderbird school community and students with your wonderful program !! We really appreciate all that you do and are so excited to have you here at our school. Please enjoy the *baking as a small token of our thanks to you !!

Janey, Camilla and Karolina

Thunderbird Elementary

*editors note- oops, the baking seems to have disappeared.

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